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I've been working full-time as an illustrator for 19 years now - in addition to big names like Warner Brothers, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank, McDonalds or Telekom, you can also discover my works from time to time in a much smaller distribution.

I have the experience with large customers, but always have the heart for small companies, I am one myself. Illustration is more than my job, it's my passion. In addition to the different sizes of my customers, the tasks are also more than diverse: My spectrum ranges from child-friendly motifs to sensual representations, product-explanatory cartoons to emotional mascots.

Wherever words alone are not enough, the supporting image is added to effectively communicate a statement. In the ever-increasing amount of information, striking accents are needed to reach the target group.

Many international customers now rely on my skills as a qualified designer (FH Düsseldorf).


Illustration is a process in which you constantly learn new things - I have also attended numerous international seminars, sometimes as a lecturer. I am always happy to receive new inquiries, suggestions or constructive criticism.

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