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Since it was founded in 2013, Logicpress24 has been pursuing the goal, together with its Hugo mascot, of raising children's awareness of preventive topics from an early age. Through these coloring books with our turtle "Hugo" we succeed again and again in a playful way in supporting and encouraging the children in their everyday life.

Hugo's coloring books are very popular with our little earthlings and are made available to various institutions such as schools, kindergartens, day-care centers, shopping centers and, of course, to each of our sponsors. Our projects can only be kept alive through the advertisements of our sponsors and partners.

This project offers several advantages. On the one hand there are the already mentioned advantages at child level, on the other hand you are presented in a positive light as a company, which in turn generates potential customers.


With your own coloring book, you decide which topic it is about and whether you want to design the coloring book with HUGO or a mascot specially developed for you. The number of pages can be selected.

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